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Leading the Team

Meet Matt and Tim

Our ceo and co-Founder

Tim Nelson

As a physician/scientist trained in medicine and cardiac developmental biology, I have been driven to innovate with available technology with the goal of new product development. Congenital heart disease provides the optimal mix of challenges and opportunities to allow cross-functional teams to succeed and grow a whole new industry. 

My mission is to inspire biomedical innovation teams and solve real-world medical problems with a focus on products that will obsolete the traditional processes that define yesterday’s healthcare experience.


Our president, coo and co-Founder

Matt Nelson

Matt plays a pivotal role in bringing novel bioengineered cell-based therapies for CHD from the lab to the patient. In addition, he is President of ReGen Theranostics, Inc. ReGen is the company responsible for development and manufacture of autologous bioengineered stem cells, the platform technology central to all HeartWorks cell-based therapies for the treatment of CHD.  

Matt is also extensively involved in HeartWorks family activities. He is particularly renowned for his expertise behind the grill and smoker of the HeartWorks food truck.

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