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HeartWorks Partners with Furniture Mart USA for A Cure for Cora Bikes & Brews 2024

At HeartWorks, our mission is driven by the relentless pursuit of advancing treatments and finding a cure for Congenital Heart Defects (CHD). Every initiative we undertake, every event we organize, is a step forward in supporting families affected by CHD and pushing the boundaries of medical research.

Recently, we had the privilege of collaborating with Furniture Mart USA for the inaugural A Cure for Cora Bikes & Brews event held in Sioux Falls. This event was not just a fundraiser; it was a celebration of community, hope, and resilience. Families and supporters gathered at Tomar Park to participate in a 10K Family Fun Ride and a 1-mile Family Walk, symbolizing solidarity in the fight against CHD.

The event culminated at Severance Brewing Co., where participants enjoyed live music, refreshments, and a warm sense of camaraderie. We are deeply grateful to Severance Brewing Co., who generously donated $1 to HeartWorks for every pint of beer sold during the event, amplifying our efforts to fund critical CHD research.

The inspiration behind A Cure for Cora stems from the Millar family’s journey with their daughter, Cora, who was born with CHD. Their resilience and determination to turn their personal challenges into a force for good have touched all who participated. Allison and Anthony Millar shared their story, emphasizing the importance of raising awareness and funding for CHD research to ensure a brighter future for children like Cora.

“Cora has a congenital heart defect. She only has half of a heart. It means the world, it means a longer life. It means a more active life for her. She’s had two open heart surgeries and she’ll need a third one. A lot of these kiddo’s hearts just kind of give out. So this is hope. HeartWorks is finding a cure,” said Cora’s dad Anthony Millar.

Matt Nelson, Co-Founder of HeartWorks, expressed his gratitude to all participants and sponsors, including Furniture Mart USA, whose unwavering support made this event possible. “Events like A Cure for Cora Bikes & Brews not only raise crucial funds but also foster a sense of community and solidarity among families affected by CHD,” said Nelson. “Together, we are making significant strides towards our goal of curing CHD and improving outcomes for patients worldwide.”

Bill Hinks, Founder & Chairman of Furniture Mart USA, underscored the company’s commitment to community involvement. “Partnering with HeartWorks for A Cure for Cora Bikes & Brews aligns with our core values of supporting families and making a positive impact,” said Hinks. “We are proud to contribute to such a meaningful cause and look forward to continuing our partnership with HeartWorks.”

HeartWorks remains dedicated to its mission of building, testing, and delivering new therapies to cure CHD. With the support of events like A Cure for Cora Bikes & Brews and the generosity of our community partners, we are optimistic about the future of CHD treatment and the lives we can positively impact.

To learn more about our sponsors or partnering with us, Together, let’s build stronger hearts and more memories.

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